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You are browsing an archived site for a previous Northern Spark event. To visit the current site click here.

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UCLA Game Lab,
Game Bar

The UCLA Game Lab Arcade Backpack. Photo Robin Baumgarten.

Whisk'ry Business

Classroom Aquatic

Guattari Hero

Cruise Control


Fromage a trois



Exit Pallete

Cosmicat Crunchies

Perfect Women

Game Bar

UCLA Game Lab’s Game Bar offers varietals of games and Fulton Brewery libations alike. Witness and engage with games across platforms and formats—enter virtual realities, projection installations and performances; sit down for a board game; or pick up a deck of cards designed to question racial bias. The arcade offerings feature faculty, award-winning alums, and up-and-coming students. Test the limits of how games can be everything from a spectator sport to a full-body virtual experience.

The UCLA Game Lab fosters the production of experimental computer games and other game forms.

Team credits:  Steven Amrhein, Anton Bobkov, John Brumley, Haysol Chung, Nick Crockett, Aliah M. Darke, Noorin Dorosti, Adeline Ducker, Mark Essen, David Elliot, Amanda Ho, Lilyan Kris, Khalil Klouche, Peter Lu, Lauren Mahon, David Mershon, Elisa Esther Michelet-Gorbis, Helen Owen, Chris Reilly, Alex Rickett, Lea Schönfelder, Philip Scott, Krystin Solie, Tyler Stefanich, Eddo Stern, and Theoklitos Triantafyllidis.

Game Bar features the following games:

Eric Cappello, Adeline Ducker, Mickey Goese, Remy Karns, Heather Penn, Mike Saltveit, Classroom AquaticTest your slyness and don a virtual reality headset to successfully cheat as a student in a school of dolphins.

Mark Essen, NidhoggUltimate two-player showdown of fast-paced fencing and melee attacks.

Stephen Ou and Stefan Wojciechowski, Exit PaletteA puzzle-platform game based on ryb subtractive color theory. Explore, mix, and go for the exit!

Heather Penn, Joshua Nuernberger, Trevor Wilson, PoliphonyAfter landing on a strange but peaceful planet you learn that your are equipped with the tools to talk to the creatures residing there.

Philip Scott, Toward the SunExplore Neo-Miami in a dystopian future where predictive data has replaced currency.

Kristyn Solie, ApoptosisExplore the easily blurred lines of reality and delusion prompted by a psychotic break.

Kristyn Solie, CyberCruiser 2.0 created by kyttenjanae—Part space-explorer, part virtual roller coaster. Submerse yourself in the mysterious narrative surrounding this retro-future universe. 

Kristen Sadakane, Space ‘Invader’A pointed colonial narrative parodies the classical space invaders game.

Alex Rickett and John Brumley, Whisk’ry BusinessChange the sweater patterns of three hapless humans to match the cats that they occasionally pet.

Adeline Ducker and Steven Amrhein, Cryptoid Blues—Your typical 8 foot 7 elusive male yeti.

Nick Crockett, Black FridayBattle for gifts and yuletide glory in a gruesome christmas-shopping spectacle.

Alex Rickett, Rotato ChipzPong Meets Space Invaders in the retro two-person shoot ‘em up inspired by Clu Clu Land and Power Stone Wars.

Eddo Stern and Jon Haddock, House GoldensternA game of pinball that deploys profile portraits to win.

John Brumley, Guattari Hero—An experimental economic rhythm simulation of consumer experience through’s related item feature.

Eddo Stern, Cruise ControlControl Tom Cruise as he rides his motorcycle and sustain the longest wheelie possible.

Peter Lu, Alex Rickett, and Sean Soria, Cosmicat CrunchiesA bullet hell eat-em-up you can play with your face.

Lea Schonfeilder and Peter Lu, Perfect WomanStarting at the child stage, mimic poses in front of a kinect and craft the narrative of a “perfect” woman’s life.